Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blog: Kittoi Bites Vettoi

I told you she was evil.

My sister took the kittoi to the V E T today (Yes, we say it like that, just in case), to check her over and to give us results of some tests. Apparently her kidneys are doing good, thanks to the special food, but there may be something going on with her liver. :-( She's had ear problems now and then and the vet worked on her ears. This vet does not have owners back in the examination/treatment rooms. With Ki Ki the Evil One, that is not a good idea. He must have did something to really tick her off because she bit him. Bit him good my sister says, she saw some gauze on his hand. He wants to see her back in 10 days. :-(

In a strange way, I'm proud of the kittoi for showing her fierce prowess even at her advanced age.. I bet the vet won't underestimate the power of The Evil One again. She may not be as ummm fat, I mean pleasantly fluffy, as she used to be but she still is a good sized cat with large paws and mouth.

I've given her another nickname: Vetbiter, in honor of Bettoi's kittoi, Ms. Aurora Crankpants Thunderfist Quickbiter.

All Hail the Mighty, "Three Socks and a Slipper Ki Ki Kitty McGruff the Magnificent Vetbiter"!


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