Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well gee, instead of complaining about Mexicans sneaking across
our border and building a wall and militarizing it, why not work
on making living conditions inside Mexico more like that of the
U.S. Then they wouldn't want to sneak

But with Mexico overpopulated as it is, and with corrupt
police/government (when the tourist books tell you how bad it is,
it's bad), and your typical Latin American socio economic system
where you have a few European descended folks who own and
control virtually everything and a whole bunch of dirt poor
folks of mostly Native American descent, who wouldn't want to

Another part of the problem is that US business and government
wants Mexico to stay that way so we can take advantage of their
natural resources and labor for our own benefit.

Makeup, it takes believing in. Like a magic carpet, it's belief
that makes it fly. Otherwise, it's just a rug.
If you believe in it, makeup has a magic all it's own.
Of course, makeup is only dime-store magic. But it works well
enough, when it's used properly.", the makeup artist, from the
book Sooner or Later, based on the 1978 TV movie of the same


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Bite me, you moran

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