Thursday, May 18, 2006

PSPVC, a graphical PSP video conversion tool for Linux

I've been envying Mac OSX users their FFMPEGX software for a
long time. Although standard command line ffmpeg works, it can
be difficult to get it working properly, sometimes it required
patching with not-ready-for-primetime patches, or required
finding somebody's altered version of the code. It was also
very difficult to get H.264/AVC encoding to work. And then you
had command line options to deal with which have changeds with
various releases of the source. Sometimes a ffmpeg binary that
did create working videos wouldn't do so when you upgraded the
PSP's firmware. Or if they did work, perhaps titles weren't
displayed correctly in the PSP file browser.

PSPVC changes that. It's basically ffmpeg sources with specific
patches, and x264 code, plus a GTK 2 graphical interface. To
get it compiled and installed you just run the install script.

The GUI is simple and I wish there were a few more options in it
(you still pretty much have to create the .THM thumbnails from
the command line and perhaps output choices for iPod video too
would be good), but it works


Blogger fif1973 said...


I'am glad to see my work help people.
I'm open for all ideas to add features to pspvc.
Actually, i'm working to compile it with gcc4 and i'm on the good way.
For the centralization of ideas and bug reports, it will be more interresting to use the project page on sourceforge, because i haven't enougth feedback from it.

7:13 AM  
Blogger fif1973 said...

V0.2 is out
You can now choose your thumbnail from pspvc

8:12 AM  
Blogger fif1973 said...

V0.3 is out

1:39 PM  

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